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Question & Answer

This Q&A page will help answer any questions that may come up when ordering your keepsake piece. Any questions not answered on this Q&A page please contact us about so that we can clarify anything misunderstood.


Any questions regarding birth/encapsulation services please contact us so that we can set up a phone consultation to discuss those packages further. 

Thank you!

What is the current turn around time?

Our current turn around time is between 6-12 weeks, with many being created in less than 6 weeks.



Your breast milk can be expired, froze, thawed, or freshly expressed. 

I need 5ml to preserve your milk properly for your keepsake, anything more will be discarded. 

If local to Clarksville Tennessee we will set up a meetup time and date once your order is complete. If outside of Clarksville Tennessee, then you will place your 5ml of breastmilk into a breastmilk bag, then place in x2 sandwich zip lock bags, then place into an envelope to ship. (Your milk doesn't have to remain cold or consumable to preserve.)

You will receive all shipping info to the email provided once your order is complete. 



I need 1 tsp of ashes in order to properly create a keepsake. Any remainder ashes not used will be placed in a small zip lock bag and returned to you with your keepsake piece. 


Any other add on

Any other add on that you have please send enough to be able to fully create your keepsake. Flower petals (3 petals), baby hair (10 strands), pregnancy cap, 1x1inch piece of fabric, etc. 


When customizing what does breastmilk texture mean?

The breastmilk texture is referring to the amount of preserved texture you want to see. Most of the keepsakes shown are used with smooth milk, no texture, while some you may see and it looks like a bunch of white flakes or specks. That is the texture. 


How do  find out my ring size?

You can go to any local jewelry store or Walmart jewelry section to be sized for your keepsake ring. Keep in mind that most of our keepsake ring settings are a dainty band, so try to get sized with their thinnest ring sizer compared to a thicker ring sizer. 


What if my ring size is not listed as an option?

Please contact us regarding any sizes not listed as an option, for the most part I can get a custom size. 


What is the bezel size?

This is the size of the actual keepsake piece. 

Get in Touch

Please contact us with any other questions regarding keepsake jewelry orders. We love being able to guide you through this process. The easiest way to contact us is through our CONTACT PAGE. 

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