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Serving families in the Clarksville TN,  Nashville TN, Hopkinsville KY,  Fort Campbell KY and surrounding areas.


Daisy Carl

Hi! I am the Owner of this business and woman behind all of our social media, as well as the one you will have for each of the services here. I am also the creator of each of the keepsake pieces I offer. Since creating this business in January 2019 I have been supporting woman that are in different phases of their journey of bringing life into the world. As a certified birth doula, childbirth educator, and placenta encapsulation specialist, it is my goal and honor to help you find your safe space, your voice and strength, as well as guide you in having an overall positive birthing experience. Whether you’re going for a planned cesarean, medically assisted labor and/or birth, or unmedicated labor and/or birth. I will be there for you emotionally, educationally and physically.

Doula Services

Treasured bloom packages are designed for every family. These packages are a basic layout of what we have to offer. If you have any specific questions about our packages or would like to add/take away and adjust the package specificly for you and your family contact us and we will design a package that bests fits you and your needs.

Keepsake Jewelry

We have been creating these beautiful keepsake pieces for a year now! Do you have a special moment, memory, or item you want to preserve forever? A keepsake would be the perfect thing for you. Check out our pieces. If there is a specific idea you have contact us and we will do our best to find and create what you have envisioned. 


“ Daisy was my first doula with my second baby. I had no idea what to expect because doulas were a very new thing to me. I’m so glad I decided to have a doula, and even more happy that Daisy was my doula. She was extremely sweet, caring, and professional throughout my whole pregnancy. She was available anytime I needed her, attended an appointment with me and was at the hospital within 10 minutes of me asking her to come. She helped coach me through contractions, coach my husband to be a bigger support than with our first birth and coached me through pushing. I’m so thankful for her and all she did for my family. I HIGHLY recommend Daisy.” -AB


“Daisy has been nothing but helpful! All the questions I had she answered! The response was fast and she never left me in the dark! I am beyond happy I chose her to help through my placenta encapsulation.” -TC


“I definitely recommend Treasured Bloom Birth Services by a long shot! While I was pregnant Daisy reached out to me and told me about her services and I was interested from the jump. From the day I hired her to be my doula she was ALWAYS there when I needed her! It never mattered about the time of day or night. She was my first ever doula due to this being my first pregnancy and she helped educate me about things I had no clue about, such as my own rights I had while giving birth. She helped me write out a wonderful birth plan and gave me the motivation and reassurance I was missing about being able to deliver baby boy with no issues. The day I went into labor she came just as quickly as I was able to dial her number. And assisted me with whatever I needed which was a lifesaver. After giving birth any questions I needed answered she was always able to give the best advice, and when it came to postpartum she never failed to check in with me. Her services are definitely 10/10. If you’re looking for a doula to connect with on a very personal level & who will make you feel safe about delivery & being supported I recommend booking Daisy!” - RW

“My husband and I have no family nearby and I didn’t know who we’d have for support at the hospital. Let me tell you, Daisy was there through it all, so supportive and is amazing!! She stepped up and helped in any way possible, she even left and brought us food during labor. She educated us on everything to expect and was a strong advocate for me. We will use er over and over if we have more babies. I cannot recommend her enough.” - SK

“It was absolutely amazing working with Daisy! She was so sweet and patient through my whole pregnancy. I dealt with having white coat syndrome and she reassured me that everything would be fine and talked me through! She's very open, very responsive, with great communication. She isn't afraid to ask providers the needed questions (with your permission). Sometimes we are so caught in the moment that we aren't thinking to ask certain things or we may not even know our rights and that's when Daisy steps in. She works very well to help prepare your body for labor when the time comes, if she doesn't know the answer to a question she's sure to find out. Book with Daisy NOW and make her your doula!” - AD

“Daisy has been an amazing doula for me! She’s helped me so much through the birth process along with my postpartum journey. She definitely cares about you and your child. She’s become a big part of our life and so grateful for finding her!” -KB

“ If you were ever looking or unsure of what all a doula can do, your search ends here!! Daisy is more than welcoming and takes you step by step through knowledge and what all she can do for you. I am so glad she was there for my pregnancy, any time, any day she was available!! 10/10, Daisy has become part of our family, don’t hesitate to book her! & She has payment plans. Thank you so much Daisy for everything. -AZ

Excited Brother
Giving Birth

“I started following Daisy on Instagram before i even announced my pregnancy to family members. We connected almost instantly. When i originally told my husband that I wanted to talk with a doula, his immediate reaction was “what’s a doula?” And truthfully I didn’t know the extent at that time. My response was “well its someone who can help us through this pregnancy, especially considering we’re so far away from family”.Little did I know at that time how much more Daisy would do for us throughout this incredible journey. Having had a previous c-section with our first born, I knew i needed help navigating the waters of a potential VBAC along with preparing myself for the potential of another c-section. Daisy was not only informative, but also supporting while remaining unbiased. She provided legitimate research, statistical information, and techniques to myself and my husband that better informed and prepared us for both scenarios. Ultimately I did wind up having a c-section, but this time I got the c-section that I wanted verses the c-section I was told I was going to have. Daisy brought to light all the options and rights that I had, that I never knew were possible. She helped me heal from some previous birth trauma, advocated for me, and taught me hot to advocate for myself. We are eternally grateful and would not have had the incredible birth experience that we did without her. If you’re looking for a doula, look no further and hire her! She’s worth every cent. -CP

Father Holding Twins

The breastfeeding journey has been rough so if for any reason, we stop, I love that I have this reminder that I did what I could to help provide for my baby girl!

Thank you, Daisy Carl, for this gorgeous reminder/piece!


Treasured Bloom Birth Services was recommended to me by a friend and I was very satisfied with her services! I reached out and received a response on the very same day. I was looking for a specific jewelry piece to hold my puppy’s ashes and although the piece I was looking for wasn’t on her page she took the time to search and make the piece available for me to purchase. She kept me up to date and I received my beautiful necklace before the expected time. I highly recommend TBBS she is super sweet and professional.


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